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Renewable Energy

Energy Management Solutions
Energy monitoring and design
Solar Power
Wind Power Generation
Off Grid/Isolated Power Systems

Technological Services

Digital Reception TV Systems
Communications and DATA
Professional Audio Design & Installation
Audio Visual
Home Theatre
Building/Home Automation
Instrumentation Diagnostics
Surveillance systems
Thermographic Testing
Leakage Testing

Electrical Services

Lighting Design, Upgrades & Installation
General Power Services, Design & Installation
Breakdown Repairs
Preventative Maintenance
Temporary Power Services
Mechanical Services
Motors, Bores, Pumps
Architectural & Commercial Lighting
Car Charging Outlets
Portable Appliance Testing


Renewed Electrical aims relentlessly to be an electrical industry leader. We believe with our knowledge, integrity and tenacity we shall establish more than just an electrical company but a community which insists on perfection. Leading the future of electro technology right to our clients and giving them the opportunity to have the latest and best quality on offer.

A dedicated team lead by three experienced, knowledgeable and savvy individuals, with combined experience of over 20 years in the electrical industry. We believe our skillset coupled with dedication and professionalism will not only exceed your expectations, but exceed the service that any other contractor is able to and/or willing to provide. As we understand the standards our clients expect, it is our guarantee to be prompt, efficient and completely respectful when undertaking any task, as well as completing works to an exceptional standard and with utmost diligence.

Meet Our Team


Christopher has performed all parts of preventative, planned and re-active maintenance for electrical, data/communications, PA/Audio Visual. Including compulsory testing; ie. RCD, portable appliance testing and Thermographic imaging; for an array of government departments as well as private entities such as Programmed FMG and Spotless, along with the Private School Sector.

Familiarity with this range of government departments, local councils and private entity's; requirements, expectations and templates/interfaces, along with the understanding of demands, KPI's and principals an Electrical contractor is faced with, and targets they must reach/adhere to. Makes Christopher the ultimate asset for project mediation and communication between project manager, site manager or department.

Chris is an expert in a vast array of areas including experience on countless electrical projects from design through to installation, LED lighting projects, Data/Communications, installations, repairs and upgrades of digital reception equipment, audio visual systems and Professional Audio systems working together with the above mentioned departments, builders, architects and engineers.


Heavily involved with the Construction of Government Schools from the early part of Evan's career. Boosting his ability to interpret and understand electrical plans and diagrams, but also to see a project through from pre-lay to fit off (start to finish). Giving a complete insight on the way building's are designed; electrically and architecturally, which is an asset when assessing a multitude of faults and addressing correct installation methods and practices in any building/circumstance.

Running projects such as architectural and street lighting upgrades for Local Government Projects as well as Main Roads, gives Evan an upper hand on developing strategy plans for road/traffic management, public segregation and management of several trades. Which is all necessary and relevant in our industry for future projects of any size. Evan's expertise is expressed over his broad knowledge of the electrical industry, making him a high value asset. Providing any business, client or department with correct and concise insights and strategies to cater to their specific electrical needs.


Toms approachability and outlook on Electrical Projects is certainly an asset to the company and to our clients on any spectrum, gaining an immense amount of knowledge within the commercial industry throughout his long career . Leading his dedication to the quality and completion of any sized project as unmeasurable. With a strong background of team management and a great understanding of daily operations of worksites and trades, lets tom not only manage within the business, but also separate trade management, eliminating confusion between trades, builders and clients.

Targets, breakdown cost barriers/budgets and deadlines are things Tom is more than familiar with and is one to ensure these are met, working closely with each client, engineer, architect or builder to ensure the best possible outcome for all parties. Creating options and pathways for design of projects, to lead to a more economical and energy efficient outcome is Toms strong suit, and he is one to be called and relied upon all the way past fruition of any task.

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